Chip Level Repairing SMPS NOTES

SMPS NOTES of Chip Level Repair A/C 220V/230V supply is given to the line filter section. A line filter coil is connected in this section which functions to remove any noise that may come with the input AC supply. The filtered AC supply is received from the line filter section is given to the Bridge … Read more

Step By Step Career Guide for Hardware

Step By Step Career Guide For Hardware And Networking Course If you want to become a computer network engineer, you must know the requirements for it, the opportunities involved, the job description, responsibilities and duties, and much more. You can follow the step by step guide to starting your career as a computer network engineer … Read more

Tools Used in Chip Level Training

Tools Used In Chip Level Training And Laptop Repairing Course You cannot imagine a moment when technology is not used in your life. With the advancement of science, information and technology have reached the next level. You can now send pictures, messages, and even money from one part of the world to another within seconds. … Read more

Hardware Courses in Ameerpet

Choose The Section You Are Interested In Hardware And Networking Course The size of a laptop may be decreasing day by day. The present date has brought the entire feature of a computer inside the phone. But this never meant that the features are reducing or getting simple. The things may get complex with lot … Read more

Internal Problems of Smartphone

Mobile Repairing Center Would Like To Help You With Internal Problems Of Smartphone Internal problems are more crucial to your smartphone rather than the external one. You have to deal with the smartphone devices, and learn its parts before coming to a discussion. There are sometimes when the internal chip might not be working fine, … Read more

The Advanced and Professional Chip Level Training

Learning About The Advanced And Professional Chip Level Training And Laptop Repairing Course No matter whether you are a novice or a pro, it is always mandatory for you to check out on the best packages with chip level training. If you can grab the best training, then it will be easier for you to … Read more

Hardware and Networking Course Module

Going For Advanced Diploma Hardware And Networking Course Sometimes, to be right at the top, you need a certificate on networking and hardware course module. This kind of course module is mainly suitable for hardware networking professionals who want to make it big in this competitive market. These advanced diploma training sessions are best suitable … Read more

Chip Level Training and Laptop Repairing Course

Getting To The Core Values Of Chip Level Training And Laptop Repairing Course The finest way to learn more about desktop and laptop repairing services is getting trained with an expert by your side. The expert must own a repairing shop, and must be functioning in this field for years now. This can be the … Read more

Chip Level Repairing Classroom Notes

Classroom Notes MOTHERBOARD The motherboard is the main board in the system, and it is having “malty layer printed circuit board” and it is Manufacturer with Epoxy Material.Motherboard of 3 types Server Motherboard Desktop Motherboard Laptop motherboard In the desktop motherboard, (or) laptop motherboard, minimum, and maximum the only one processor. We are inserting, and … Read more