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Mobile Repairing Course

Welcome to the world of certified mobile repairing course center, where experts are ready to guide you through. We are considered to be an innovativeĀ computer and technical training institution, readily guiding our aspiring students, with what exactly they are looking for, from us. Innovative technology is here with the best computer training institution, all set to create a warm and environment-friendly surrounding. A single course from our side and you will know the right engineering courses, which are laid in front of you. Choose the best package, which you think is best, and get hold of the best learning strategies, which make us great among the lot.

Training students as the technicians

We are known for training students, without any prior experience, and to become the entry-level technicians. They are all ready and willing to guide you to bring out some of the best and new career options as you have always asked for. We are considered to be one of the reputed institutes, offering promising Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad, and under different course structure. Just get along with our new and interesting course in the mobile technical training section, where you will receive hands-on training in mobile repairing sources, from the start till end.

We are known for providing our students with the latest and high technical knowledge, along with comprehensive and practical in-depth training. Our courses are mainly divided into three principal parts, and those are the theory, practical and practice. All of our training courses are primarily taught by experienced and well-trained faculties, who have vast knowledge in a field and technical field. We have already made some experienced pros with our great thought training sessions.

  • Theory: In theory classes, the Mobile Repairing Courses are trained in theory plans and following the same writing programs. Different types of study materials are procured from this section and help in offering you with the high-end study regarding mobile repairing strategies.
  • Practical: Apart from academic classes, there are some practical sessions, which are available as a part of an advanced stage. These courses will help you to get a hands-on training session on what you have learned so far in the theoretical course.
  • Practice: After you have gone through the theory and practical pages, last stop is to deal with the practice session. Here, you will get the golden chance to implement what you have learned in the real world and become confident in your work.

Course and relevant objectives

The primary aim of our Mobile Repairing Course is to offer requisite knowledge and skills and enable students to get a wide variety of jobs in this real job prospect. The technicians are cordially invited to take your class and help you to understand and learn the changes, which are likely to be made. Most of the courses take not more than two months, even though; there are some exceptional cases, available too. Just get the basic idea in cell phone technicality, and you are ready for the course.

The methodology of this course

The repairing courses are proper to use of interactive, hands-on lab sessions, and theory session. Proper mentoring and personal attention ensure that you will be a part of the optimized batch, only. It all started with a basic course, following through advanced course, and you end up becoming a complete smartphone technician.

Course materials

Once you have planned to be a part of our Mobile Repairing Training, you will receive some basic electronic study materials. This package comprises of mobile phone problems related DVD, smartphone circuit drawing, DIY hardware toolkit, and more.

Course contents

It is important to choose the mobile-first and go through to know what is in the package. If you think that it suits your style, wait for no further and invest your money and enroll your name as a student of the same package.

Module 1: Cell phone basics

This segment helps in providing exposure to pupils. It deals with the fundamental working of a mobile phone, followed by some technical terminologies. It talks about the models and types of tools used for repairing a phone.

Module 2: Basic Electronics

This module talks about the concepts, dealing with basic physics. You will get to understand the real meaning of circuit diagrams of smartphones, followed by soldering and de-soldering procedures in phones and tools you have.

Module 3: Hardware technicality of cell phone
  • Schematic tracking for different sections
  • Circuit diagrams of mobile phone reading methods
  • Fault finding process, troubleshooting, and other repairing techniques
  • Troubleshooting under the whole level for mobile phone network, fundamental and advanced phone repair, touchscreen, keypad, charger problems, and memory card
  • Practice as related to de-soldering and soldering station, as going with hot air blower
  • Soldering and de-soldering procedures of ESD filters with other integrated circuits
Module 4: Software
  • Proper use of computer and software as in cell phones
  • Installation of software repairing applications and dongleā€™s drivers
  • Troubleshooting services like firmware up-gradation, re-installation and security code unlocking service
  • Downloading and converting ringtones, logos, and videos
Module 5: Career prospect

There are two sub-divisions while planning to take help of this module section. Those two great tracks are listed below:

Self-employment track
  • Planning the requirement for starting your own business
  • Handling customers and managing a modern phone repairing center
Placement tracks
  • Assistance in placement in some of the reliable and known phone repairing centers
  • Proficient exposure, relating to resume preparation, life skills and interview handling

We are likely to offer our students a complete package of mobile Chip Level Repair Training, and the courses are all tested under strict parameters, before providing the same to our aspiring students. You are likely to get the best technical support if you want, and for that, you just need to visit our official website and get hold of our phone numbers and email IDS. All your calls will be received as soon as possible, as our well-trained technicians are all available for your need.

Problems are mainly solved by our experts, and they have years of experience and training for matching your needs and growing demands. We are happy to guide you through the entire procedure is simple and easy to understand steps.

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